Welcome to the Hairstream: The fantastic retro Airstream inspired by The B-52s

Who can resist dancing to the upbeat new wave jams such as "Love Shack" or "Rock Lobster"? The B-52s were a quintessential band of the late '70s and '80s with an unparalleled sound that combined classic rock n' roll, experimental pop, and groovy disco. Known for the mod retro style, colorful album covers, and playful lyrics the band quickly achieved cult status. What many people are not aware of, however, is that the band's legacy still lives on today – but perhaps not in the way that you would think.
While most of the members of the band are still touring, there is one other way that fans can experience their favorite party band. Dedicated listeners, RV enthusiasts, and glampers alike can now stay the night in The B-52s themed Airstream, appropriately called the "Hairstream." Kate's Lazy Desert is a vintage Airstream resort, owned and operated by The B-52s lead singer herself, Kate Pierson. Located in Landers, California, the retreat features six Airstreams, each complete with their own retro, space-age, or psychedelic theme. This Airstream's theme is... well, them.
When you step inside, you will be dazzled by all of the colors, cut outs, and midcentury memorabilia.
Kate writes, "Wait 'till you get a load of my to-die-for tchotchkes from shopping sprees all around America (hey, a girl's got to do something while on tour!)"
The whole place is covered from head to toe in what the singer describes as, "rocket-your-socks-off decor."
The interior design was inspired by what Kate thinks of as her "fantasy dressing room." Inside, you will find images of every album cover. Outside, you will find names of places that the band has traveled together.
She aims to fill each Airstream kitchen with authentic 1950s appliances and finishes.
Did I mention the Hairstream has breathtaking views of the Mohave desert and is just minutes away from Joshua Tree National Park?
Of course, no desert is complete without an oasis.
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