Step inside this lovely Airstream. The interior is a vintage lover's dream

Palm Springs is one of the top destinations when it comes to visiting California. It's known for incredibly scenic views of mountains, the desert and gorgeous valleys. Many people love Palm Springs because of its proximity to Los Angeles, making it a perfect day trip for those who live in the city. However, we love Palm Springs because of its amazing architecture, and of course, that includes mobile architecture as well.
This hip and adorable Airstream Argosy, named "Acacia," makes Palm Springs its permanent home. While we all might dream of owning our own mid-century ranch home with views of the mountains, it might be challenging to turn that dream into reality. This Airstream allows anyone to have a magical desert experience without breaking the bank.
While Acacia is definitely on the small side, you will be amazed by how roomy this trailer feels when you step inside.
Acacia is not only good for relaxing, but she's ready when you need to reply to those last few emails before starting your vacation.
Because Palm Springs is known for its preservation of mid-century modern architecture, this trailer's interior has been maintained to reflect its vintage charm. The wood paneling and retro stove are all original.
Treat yourself like a princess with this canopy bed. The kidney-shaped platter is ideal for enjoying breakfast and tea in bed.
No mid-century property is quite complete without the iconic butterfly chair and hairpin table. Step out onto your patio, have a seat and enjoy the good life.
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